Zero Fees for New Parents*

GROW’s Fee Free Super removes fees for new parents so their super doesn’t get left behind.

Approved members who are primary carers will pay $0 superannuation fees* for 6 months!

Members can apply up to 12 months after the birth of their child!

To apply

You will need to be a consolidated GROW Super member. If you’re not already, click here.
Once you're consolidated, download and complete this application form. Then send the following to
a) Your completed application form
b) A letter from your employer confirming your parental leave, including dates and
c) A copy of your child’s birth certificate

Planning a family?

Find out more about GROW now and how we can assist in supporting your super while you focus on bigger things. Email us at




*T&Cs apply. Removal of fees for superannuation fees only and does not apply to insurance fees.
Visit here for full terms and conditions.
--All documentation is confidential.